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Surfside Reno, Clovelly 2019. Andrew Burges Architects. A very few shots of andrewburgesarchitects alteration and a…

RT @simonahac: anyone else find it sad and pathetic that @ScottMorrisonMP thinks there's a difference to "people smugglers" between bringin…

MPavilion Opening. Carme Pinós 2018. #mpavilion #melbourne #architecture

(Save the) Marion Cultural Centre, Adelaide, South Australia. ARM Architecture and Phillips Pilkington Architects i…

RT @AusINSArch_VIC: Tonight’s final award is the 2017 Victorian Architecture Medal which goes to Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre by s…

RT @AusINSArch_VIC: We will be tweeting the Named Award winners as they are announced LIVE tonight. Follow #VicAwards17 for all the updates!

Congratulations to MORQ on the Marshall Clifton Award for Residential Architecture in the WA…

Dorman House, Lorne. Austin Maynard Architects, 2016. Is it a jetty? Is it a new house? Is it an…


Mesa Verde Melbourne. Inside #83 Cover Story

Mesa Verde Melbourne. Inside #83 Cover Story

Grant Amon Architects

Designed by Architect Grant Amon, who knows a thing or three about restaurants and bars. Mesa Verde - The Green Table is #83 Inside Magazine cover story. Jan Henderson writes 'Mesa Verde has developed a self sufficent (midwestern oasis!) ecosystem high in the sky that takes sustainability to another level.


Cubomania! Green Magazine Cover Story

Cubomania! Green Magazine Cover Story


Lovingly designed and imagined by Phooey. Cubo House is this month's Green Magazine Issue 38 Cover Story. Cubomania refers to a surrealist technique of collages in which a picture or image is cut into squares and the squares are then reassembled to create an entirely new work. Phooey have created a family that's so much more than the sum of it's upcycled parts. 


Monash Art Design & Architecture Volume Control Speaker Series

Monash Art Design & Architecture Volume Control Speaker Series

On 17 March at 6pm Peter's presenting an artist talk to students of communication design for Monash Art Design & Architecture's speaker series – Volume Control.
MADA's Volume Control provides undergraduate and Higher Degree Research students with access to artists and designers, through a series of lectures, workshops and exhibitions.