MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo - ERASMUS EFFECT Italian Architects Abroad

MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo - ERASMUS EFFECT Italian Architects Abroad

Karri Loop House Margaret River

Till the 6th of April 2014 the exhibition Erasmus Effect investigates the progressive acceleration that the phenomenon of “migrant” Italian architecture has undergone in recent decades. From the work of the established international companies to the projects and built works of the young Italian studios, shedding light on both the “widespread quality” of their work and the dense network of collaborations and trans-national ateliers born in the wake of the "Erasmus generation".

I've been pleased to photograph the work of 'transnational atelier' MORQ over the last year. Projects for the exhibition incude their Noosa House, Karri Loop House and the Love Story shop in North Fremantle.


NGV Melbourne Now Exhibition 22 Nov - 23 Mar 2014

NGV Melbourne Now Exhibition 22 Nov - 23 Mar 2014

Melbourne Now celebrates the latest art, architecture, design, performance and cultural practice to reflect the complex cultural landscape of creative Melbourne.

Sampling the City: Architecture in Melbourne Now reveals the complex web of personalities, factions and trajectories that make up Melbourne’s vibrant contemporary architectural culture. Presented in an immersive video and sound space, the work and buildings by over twenty Melbourne architecture practices illustrate five themes representation and the city; craftsmanship and materiality; art-engaged practice; stitching the city; and bio-futures/advanced architecture.

Curated by Fleur Watson, the project features exhibition design by Amy Muir and Stuart Geddes, projection and soundscape design by Keith Deverall, introductory narrative by Watson and Michael Spooner, and built environment imagery by Peter Bennetts.

Peter was commissioned to photograph Melbourne for the immersive video and soundscape. Moving images of Melbourne street scenes were edited with a 'memory fade' technique rendering the environment experiential and more than just object.

The biggest and most ambitious exhibition in the NGV’s history, Melbourne Now heralded a new era and broke all attendance figures with 753,000 visitors over the 120 days of the exhibition.


Architecture Australia September/October  La Plage du Pacifique Cover Story

Architecture Australia September/October La Plage du Pacifique Cover Story

In an issue dedicated to the question "Is it finished yet?" Kristin Green Architecture's yet to be completed La Plage du Pacifique resort in Vanuatu features on the cover of the latest Architecture Australia. An exhibition of photographs of this unfinished resort has led Leon van Shaik to review both Green's architectural projects and Bennetts' photography as he seeks an asnswer to the question of completion or restoration.

Also featured in this issue is ARM's stunning Perth Arena.




Spring St Grocer
Kristin Green Architecture

A gelataria, grocer, cheese room and some time exhibition space on Sping Street is the cover story of Artichoke 44. The goddess Athena albeit armed with organic gardening tools and not her usual sword can now be found on Spring Street.


In sunny Queensland

In sunny Queensland

Shunning the snow, PB has been a regular visitor to sunny Queensland, not to escape Melbourne’s winter, but to photograph a series of new buildings at the University of Queensland. Just finished and shortlisted for the upcoming World Architecture Festival Awards is HASSELL and Richard Kirk Architects joint venture Advanced Engineering Building. The Advanced Engineering Building or AEB as it's already affectionally know as lives up to its name with state of the art teaching and lab spaces and passive and integrated sustainability initiatives.

Other new buildings at UQ lining up for Peter's lens are the Learning Innovation Building (Richard Kirk Architects), the Global Change Institute (HASSELL) and in Cairns revisiting the Eddie Orbin house.


La Plage du Pacifique Vanuatu Exhibition - Christopoulos, Green & Bennetts

La Plage du Pacifique Vanuatu Exhibition - Christopoulos, Green & Bennetts

Time moves a little slower in Vanuatu, not that anyone there actually minds, and infact this is a big part of the appeal of the place. However if you are a young, energetic architect from a fast-track city you might yearn for the pace to pick up a little, especially as your ambitious design for a luxury resort emerges ever so slowly, half-realised on a spectacular tract of land where the forest meets the sea.
Kristin Green of Kristin Green Architecture invited photographer Peter Bennetts to accompany her to La Plage du Pacifique, Vanuatu.  The resulting photographs are anything but “in progress” documentation.
Green has bravely allowed Bennetts to present her work at it’s most vulnerable but revealing such strength of form that we can already imagine the finished work.
We see the bones, the inner working, the structure – the important business of architecture before the detailing of surfaces and slick styling. This is architecture at its rawest.
Bennetts’ own unique vision has captured a profound stillness in the half-completed buildings and surrounding landscape. Time has shifted to such a degree that past, present and future/birth, life and decay, merge in one. Light and form create striking compositions that, rather than a direct descriptor, are more evocative of place.
It may seem incongruous to be opening an exhibition of architectural images in the tropics at the launch of a cheese cellar, but for those of you who don’t know, Green is also the architect responsible for the Spring Street Grocer mini-complex. To all her projects she brings a vitality, commitment to concept and a quirky sense of purpose, and this most recent collaboration with entrepreneur Con Christopoulos and photographer Peter Bennetts is no exception.
Downstairs @ Spring Street Grocer
157 Spring Street, Melbourne
Thursday 30th May 2013 from 5.30pm
(Exhibition continues until 9th June 2013)




NMBW Architecture Studio's Kerr Street Apartments is the poster for the Architectural Urbanism Exhibition at the Korean National Museum of the Arts in Seoul.

As well as NMBW's Kerr Street I'm thrilled my photographs of Muir Mendes', iph's and Kerstin Thompson's projects are writ large as floor to ceiling images. Very excited to see!

Architectural Urbanism is an ambition and sensibility for propositions that address the context of the city within the operative scale of the small architectural project. Architectural urbanism represents a tailoring of projects to the local; to the materiality and specificity of the everyday; and to the grain and substance of the location above all else. Architectural urbanism is less about erasure and more about insertion; infill; the weaving of old and new and the dynamics that evolve from subtle and careful manipulation of the city in detail.

Architectural Urbanism/Melbourne Seoul opens March 28 - April 5