Triptych Melbourne



Nettleton Tribe

This architecture and interiors series is part of an adverting campaign for Stable Properties' 'Triptych', an inspired and sustainable luxury apartment building in Melbourne's Arts Precinct. Photographed through construction and completion at one stage we scaled the then 22 story building with full kit, no operating lift, and photographed from the very top of the lift cores at dawn and dusk. The subsequent panoramic images are made up from a number of photographs stitched together to make the final panoramas. Using an ALPA cameras and the latest Leaf Aptus II 10, 56 megapixel digital back, the final image files were 3GB each allowing for the ultimate in reproduction - one usage called for 4m x 1m photographic prints!

TRIPTYCH: The Penthouse Collection features my photographs of Triptych Apartments. Commissioned by Stable Properties' Beatrice Imbert and designed by the Büro North team of Soren Luckins, Jason Mildren and David Williamson this tome is truly beautiful. Printed on silver foil with post production/colour work by Visual Thing, the book highlights the collaboration of architects Nettleton Tribe, artist Robert Owen, interior designers Carr Design, Büro North and the building's developer Stable Properties.

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