Hill House



Andrew Maynard Architects

At first glance, the key ingredient in Andrew Maynard Architects' Hill House seems like pure delight. A bright green astroturf bulge with chunky black box balanced precariously on top makes up the main extension, and could easily be read as a work of sculpture. This design though is the result of some very pragmatic considerations.

In commissioning Andrew Maynard Architects, a family of five wanted to create a long-term home from what was proving to be a dark and pokey residence. Rather than extending from the rear of the building though, which would likely block even more precious light from entering the house, the practice built a new structure on the rear boundary. This new 'addition' faces north, its cantilevered box preventing sun from entering the building during summer, while letting it flood in during winter. Its curvy form, meanwhile, has proved to be a delightful place for lounging in the sun, year-round.