Ester Restaurant and Bar



Anthony Gill Architects

Ester Restaurant & Bar is located in a former loading dock of a two storey warehouse in Sydney’s Chippendale. Masterfully transformed by Anthony Gill Architects, this deceivingly simple interior pays respect to it’s semi-industrial context, resulting in a contemporary dining hot-spot with a robust and sophisticated feel. The project involved a total re-imagining of the space to create a restaurant that sat comfortably on the edge of the city. The client had specific demands for the operation, centred around the wood fired oven. The needs of the kitchen were delicately balanced with the desires for the dining room, making sure the proportions of the overall space were right. The clearly defined segregation of the restaurant and the bar were brought together through the introduction of parabolic arches, creating a new layer which unites the old and the new, and separating the served from the serviced.