Advanced Engineering UQ



HASSELL/Richard Kirk Architect

The Advanced Engineering Building (AEB) at the University of Queensland is a state-of-the-art engineering education building with flexible teaching and learning spaces.The multi-purpose building has the appropriate mix of learning, workplace and social areas. The building co-locates five key materials, science and engineering research centres and occupies a prime site overlooking the University lakes.

Hands-on learning is embraced through an engaging and collaborative education environment. Some spaces follow a 'design studio' model with well-considered learning tools that enhance the creative process.

The building integrates teaching and research laboratories in addition to large scale manufacturing and civil engineering research laboratories. It supports various hydraulic, wind, materials and structural and advanced form processing laboratories within its program. The building also aims to act as a 'live learning hub' for students who occupy the building.

AEB facilitates new teaching and learning spaces that accommodate the University's new curriculum. The building incorporates both passive and integrated sustainability initiatives with a targeted reduced energy consumption. HASSELL and Richard Kirk Architect in joint venture won the limited design competition for AEB.

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