Abedian School



CRAB Studio

Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University, Robina, Queensland

From CRAB Studio:

The building is a long, airy loft on two to three levels articulated y a series of ‘scoops’: defining structure-enclosures that can be used for casual meetings and ‘crit’ sessions. These line the central street that gently rises up the hilltop site. Advantage is taken of the east-west axis to clarify a very climate-controlled development of the north and south skins of the building.

The Abedian School of Architecture is CRAB’s second University building. As with their other work, the sociology of small, intimate groups within institutions, the value of casual overlay, the importance of the non-curricula moments – as well as a ‘sense of theatre’ runs through the project. The central ‘street’ is flanked by irregular ‘scoops’ – coves of structure that give character to the unfolding of the studios and study rooms. As befits a hot and sometimes sticky climate, the building is airy and folds over upon itself in a series of fan-like roofs and slits.