Mountain Goat Brewery




From Phooey:

The main purpose for this project was to create new offices for Cam & Dave, the two Aussie treasures responsible for creating Mountain Goat beer. We’ve enjoyed their beer & their friendship for years & jumped at the opportunity to work with them to create a new office space over the existing bar in their existing Richmond Bar & Brewery. 

To celebrate the history & branding of Mountain Goat Beer (an Australian microbrewery), we decided to re-use & adapt some of the junk which was laying about at the back of the brewery.

Cartons & other packaging with redundant & replaced branding were inventoried.

Traditional mountain-forms were studied.

Mountains of redundant Goat-beer packaging were formed (as cladding over some more traditional building materials).

Stage 01 was completed in a few short weeks.

When we all get time to get onto Stage 02, the premises will be surrounded by Mountains filled with Goats.